This is our story

Project 85LC is a small team of highschool students who have a desire to make an impact on the lives of ethnic children in the underserved communities of Lao Cai, Vietnam through educational empowement projects. We currently meet virtually with students from the Lao Cai primary schools to teach them skills such as English and Leadership. This is done through a partnership with the non-profit Glocal Ventures Inc. and the Lao Cai Department of Education.

Due to difficulties traversing the land, and the neeed to stay home to work and support their familes, many students in Lao Cai District do not attend highschool and college. The Project's name 85 LC reflects our dream of increasing  the number of students pursing higher education to 85% in the next 15 years. 


Meet the real world heroes

Eli Holdeman, Founder

Eli is a senior at Birdville High School, an Alto Sax player for  the Birdville Marching Band, and and a Worship Leader for Northwood Church Student Ministry. 

Julie Lynch

Julie is a senior, is a Drum Major, Executive Board Member and Clarinetist for the Birdville Band, as well as NHS member.

Evie Trotter

Evie is junior, a member of the Birdville Theatre and Choir Programs, as well as a Northwood Student Ministry Leader.

Collin McWilliams

Collin is a senior Section Leader for the Birdville Highschool Band, as well as Fish Head and NHS member. 

Kevin Pham

Kevin is a senior, a member of the Birdville Marching Band, and an active member of his church's TNTT. 


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